If God Never Does Anything Else For Me, He’s Done Enough

The devotional below is a personal one. This was written in a time when God said to me, worship him – no matter the outcome of what I was desiring.

As believers we have this saying “If God never does anything else for me, He’s done enough”  but do we really mean it?  Would we really accept things as they are if God did not do anything else for us?  Would we?  I believe this was my test.

As I wrote, God spoke to me.  As I wrote, I worshiped.  As I wrote, I released.   As I wrote, I felt peace. This devotional is for everyone that has entreated God with a request and not have it answered in the way you desired.  This devotional is for the person that still desires to trust God and live in His Word.

This devotional is from me to you.

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If God Never Does Anything Else For Me, He’s Done Enough

“…all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28 KJV).

What happens when you have prayed?  Prayed some more, trusted and believe God to answer a particular need for you.  When you have knelt before him on bended knees with a burdened heart and pools of tears in your eyes.

What happens when you’ve went to that place, the space between what we pray for and what we really believe God for – the unbelief area of the mind – and stretched your mind to see God doing the impossible? What happens when your faith is so tested your tempted to “help him along?”  What happens when God doesn’t answer your prayer?  When it seems like all hope is gone?

What do you do? What do you say?  How do you react?

Hard as it is.  Emotionally drained as you may feel, you must learn to worship Him.  In 2 Samuel 12:15-22 when David’s son with Bathsheba was stricken ill, David fasted and prayed and wept before the Lord.  However, the child eventually died.  When the child died David got up, bathe, clothed and fed himself and he worshiped God.

Why? Because of whom He is. Because of His goodness.  Because “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.”  He is all knowing, all powerful, all encompassing.  There is a reason why the prayer/request was not answered. Sometimes it is not for us to know.  Sometimes it is for a greater purpose He withhold things from us.

It doesn’t mean He doesn’t love us or care about us.  It just means it wasn’t time.  “Don’t let your circumstances dictate your faith.”  We must remember “…that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28 KJV).

As you worship thank God for being The Creator, Your Provider, Your Healer, Your Everything.  Admit to him that you don’t know why it didn’t happen. That you don’t understand why your prayer wasn’t answered. But tell him you respect His authority.

Ask Him to give you the peace you need to deal with the situation.  The type of peace that surpasses all understanding.  The type of peace that makes you say “It’s in your hands now Lord, because I can’t do anything else,” and mean it.

How can you express yourself?  How do you worship him?  Sing a song, say a prayer, write a Psalm.  Do a dance, create some art.  Whatever you do and however you do it, do it with thanksgiving.  Do it with praise.  Do it with a loving heart.  Remember, if God never does another thing for you, He’s done enough!

Be Blessed!
Copyright 2009 Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana


4 thoughts on “If God Never Does Anything Else For Me, He’s Done Enough

  1. This was just what I needed right now. Some times I feel that he does not hear me but I know he does. I just need a reminder every now and then to let me know he will answer on his time not mine and he knows what is best for me.

  2. Hi Tereciah,

    That is a heartfelt, honest expression of your love for God. You are so right! Love is unconditional. We love God because He first loved us–taught us to love– made us to love.

    When I lost my daughter several years ago, I experienced every emotion you have described, and then some. Even though my faith was severely challenged, deep down I knew God has nothing to do with death because He is Life. Through study, prayer and day-to-day demonstrations, I proved the eternality of life. This enabled me to write a biographical book called The Unfolding of a Rose (Rose is my daughter’s middle name).

    I hear you! I feel you! I adore you!


  3. Thank you for truth! ” God lives in the praises of His people” In ALL things, through ALL things, God is Love and loves us enough to have sent His son to die for us ,IN OUR PLACE. How can we do anything else but love Him and worship Him?
    I don`t say any of this from a “good, religious ” point but from someone who has experienced extreme opposition in many areas of my life. Lost 4 family members to traumatic circumstances, from drowning to suicide. Kept from death myself dramatically by God`s hand when I didn`t care about Him and living with and caring for my wife who became mentally ill. All circumstances have drawn me closer to God and caused me to Worship Him more and more, He is not the cause or the blame for hard things but THEE ANSWER to ALL things. Try praising God IN THE MIDDLE of your problems and see if HE doesn`t come and encourage and comfort you. HE IS THE ANSWER TO OUR PROBLEMS NOT the blame for them and i worship Him with all my heart . Thanks for your truth and for this opportunity for me to praise our creator and THEE lover of our souls. Elwin Ens

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